What to do with leftover eggnog? Make Eggnog Pancakes of course

Eggnog Pancakes Recipe

Eggnog Pancakes Are you looking in your fridge and thinking "what should I do with all this leftover Eggnog?". Wonder no more! Here's a great recipe for Eggnog Pancakes from CookingClassy.com.  Click here for the full Eggnog Pancake recipe. Recent Posts Eggnog Pancakes Recipe When to Flip a Pancake Emeril Lagasse Breaks World Record for […]

Pancake Cooking

When to Flip a Pancake

Flip a Pancake When… Do you know how to tell when to flip a pancake? Neither did we for the majority of our lives! The secret is really simple. Flip the pancake when the bubbles in the batter pop. That’s it! Then once you have the second side on the grill you can tell it’s […]

Garfield Pancake Art

How to Draw Pancake Art

Pancake Art If you are like us here at StampedeBreakfast.ca then you really like pancakes. Our team has been loving the amount of pancake art that has been popping up lately and we wanted to learn how to do it. The first thing you need is a “Pancake Pen” that you can fill with batter and […]

Yummy Calgary Stampede Pancakes

Great Pancake Recipes

How many people use a recipe for their pancakes? The one on the side of the pancake mix box doesn’t count 😛 The team at StampedeBreakfast.ca found some great pancake recipes that will help you step up your pancake game. Try out these recipes at home or at your own Stampede Breakfast (reminder to submit […]